95 Foundry Street

95 Foundry Street, Moncton, New Brunswick


Floor/Suite Notes Rentable Sq. Ft.
100 3,733
103 516
121 1562
123 1287

The Building

95 Foundry Street


Built in 1918, this six-storey office building, redeveloped in 1981, is constructed of pre-cast concrete and steel with a brick and vinyl veneer. Place Heritage Court is a professional high-profile building which boasts the biggest plate size in Moncton with approximately 35,000 square feet on each floor. 

The minimum ceiling height is 9 feet. Slab-to-slab height is 14 feet.

The maximum floor load is in excess of 100 pounds per square foot.

Building measurements are determined as per BOMA standards.


2000-Amp Entrance.

600 Volt power is fed by a 15.5 kv in coming switch section.  The high voltage switch feeds a 1500 kv 12.47 kv to 347/600 Volt transformer.  The 600 Volt transformer feeds a 600 Volt switch which in turn feeds a distributor section.

120/208 Volt power is fed by a 15.5 kv incoming switch section.  The high voltage switch feeds a 450 kva 12.47 kv to 120/208 Volt transformer.  The 208 Volt transformer feeds a 120/208 Volt switch which in turn feeds a distributor section.


All mechanical and electrical systems are overseen by Heritage’s in-house staff of skilled electricians and maintenance people.  A rigid preventative maintenance program is in place to minimize disruption of any kind regarding these systems.

Each floor has two air-handling units with humidity control.

Air distribution is handled by galvanized ducts with variable air volume boxes.

Each VAV box is controlled by individual thermostats.

Entire complex is heated by electricity.  The heat is supplied by a large SCR controlled duct heater for even temperature control.  Exterior perimeter walls are lined with baseboard heaters.

Entire complex is air conditioned by chilled water.  The main chiller is a 275- Ton Trane Centervac Centrifugal Unit.  A 250-Ton Trane Chiller is in place for backup.

HVAC system monitored 24 hours per day by on-call maintenance staff.

Energy Management

All heating and cooling is computerized with Delta 2000 System to provide maximum comfort.

Security and Fire Safety

On-site security 24 hours per day.

Security guard on site from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Entire complex monitored by the latest in camera surveillance equipment.

Building is fully sprinklered.

Monitored by an Edwards Fire Alarm System, connected to a 24-hour-per-day monitoring service.

After hours scan security system.


Fibre optics are in place for call centers and other large volume communications needs.


Heritage offers 1057 mixed-use parking spaces, including free employee parking, free one-hour customer parking, reserved employee parking spaces for lease, and free reserved parking for service vehicles. There are 157 additional parking spaces under development.


Mail delivery to individual suites.

Automated banking machine within the building.

Well-lit exteriors.

Recycling service provided.


Convenient location in downtown Moncton, central to banks, restaurants, theaters, daycares and shopping.

Located in the city bus route for easy access by commuters. 

Convenient storage available within the building.

Within easy access to the Riverfront park, with walking and biking paths as well as plenty of green space for tenants to enjoy.

Heritage employs its own team of cleaning, maintenance, construction and other personnel to maintain the environment in and around the property.

The layout for the space in question is flexible. We have an in-house BOMA design department to assist in planning your space and meeting your needs. Our objective is to have this space work well for your business. 

Location & Amenities


Storage space is provided in the basement level of our buildings. These areas are well lit, dry, serviced by elevators and secure.
Please call our Leasing department for availability at (506) 853-1918.
Café Express

Café Express located at Place Heritage Court offers a selection of healthy wraps and sandwiches and hot lunches. Come check out their menu or contact them for any catering needs at (506) 858-0433.

Rental Space

Heritage Management owns and operates many commercial properties in the Moncton area. If your office space, storage or other requirements are changing, we may have suitable solutions. Please contact the Leasing department at (506) 853-1918 to discuss your needs.