73 Milltown Blvd

73 Milltown Blvd, St. Stephen, New Brunswick


Floor/Suite Notes Rentable Sq. Ft.
107 2496
201 4,544
201a 3,021
204 Undeveloped Space 1,536
208 7,766
209 Undeveloped Space 2,184
300 9,243
302 Undeveloped Space 7,129
320 West Wing – Undeveloped 7,223

The Building

73 Milltown Blvd


This four-storey building was originally built as a chocolate factory. The building is sub-divided into three separate wings, two with four floors each and one with three floors. The gross area of the building is approximately 85,000 square feet.

Ground floor maximum floor load is 100 pounds per square foot with maximum floor load for floors two, three, and four as 60 pounds per square foot.Elevator in central common area of the building.


Wall Poured concrete wall on concrete footings. Framing Double masonry walls with wood and steel


Walls Masonry brick.


Low pitched wood framed roof with rubber membrane cover.

Storey Height

The storey height from floor to floor is approximately 10 to 12 feet.

Windows & Entrance Systems

Energy-efficient windows. Thermo pane fixed units in pre-finished aluminum frames installed throughout the building in 1994. The doors are standard commercial entrance systems with aluminum frames.


Ceilings consist of suspended T-Grid systems in the finished offices and some of the retail space. The apartment units are finished with painted drywall. Flooring Vinyl tiles, hardwood flooring, commercial carpeting and ceramic tiles.

The building and property are both environmentally sound, free of asbestos, PCBs and all other environmentally harmful substances.

Building measurements are determined as per BOMA standards.


1600 Amp entrance, distributed at 600 volt, 3-Phase through various modern transformers for 120/208 volt
3-Phase. Provision available for 100-amp 600 Volt 3-Phase metering for additional tenants.


All mechanical and electrical systems are overseen by Heritage’s in-house staff of skilled electricians and maintenance people. A rigid preventative maintenance program is in place to minimize disruption of any kind regarding these systems.

Computerized electrical and maintenance control system optimize comfort.

Air handling units are located in the mechanical area of basement.

Air distributed through galvanized ducts.

The building is served by a modern heat pump system, designed to provide both cooling and heating. This system allows for individual zoning.

The HVAC system is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by on-call maintenance staff.

Energy Management

All heating and cooling is computerized using the Tour-Anderson Control System to provide maximum comfort.

Security and Fire Safety

Fire protection and alarm systems are provided by a Simplex 4020 fire alarm panel, fully sprinklered, pull stations, standpipe hose racks, emergency and exit lighting. After-hours scan card system.


Fibre optics are in place for call centers and other large volume communication needs. Ganong Place is conveniently located across from the Bell Aliant Remote Centre.

Over 144 on-site parking spaces.


Professional heritage restored multi-use complex with many triple “A” tenants and a senior’s apartment complex.

Ganong Place is located next to a Regional Post Office and the Bell Aliant Remote Centre.

Centralized mail delivery system.

Centrally located to Credit Union, restaurants, shopping and neighboring the main crossing to Calais, Maine.

Convenient storage available within the building.

Heritage employs our own team of cleaning, maintenance, construction and other personnel to maintain the environment in and around the property.

We have an in-house design department to assist in planning your space to meet your needs.

Location & Amenities

Rental Space

Heritage Management owns and operates many commercial properties. If your office space, storage or other requirements are changing, we may have suitable solutions. Please contact the leasing department at (506) 853-1918 to discuss your needs.