272 St. George Street

272 St. George Street, Moncton, New Brunswick

The Building

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Three-storey 16,000 square foot office/retail property, built of steel and concrete structure with brick veneer and glazing panels on the north and south faces.

Offices contain large window areas offering natural lighting.

Elevator service for tenant and client convenience.

Ceiling heights:

To underside of suspended ceiling:
-10 feet on first floor
-11 feet on second and third floors

To underside of steel deck:
-12 feet 6 inches on first floor
-11 feet 6 inches on second and third floors

Ground floor loading at 150-170 pounds per square foot design dead load. Second and third floor loading at 120 pounds per square foot design dead load.

Building measurements are determined as per BOMA standards.


The building is serviced by a 120/208V, 3-Phase, 600-Amp entrance. Tenant spaces on the first floor are metered separately and second and third floors are metered together.


All mechanical and electrical systems are overseen by Heritage’s in-house staff of skilled electricians and maintenance people. A rigid preventative maintenance program is in place to minimize disruption of any kind regarding these systems.

This building has undergone a complete mechanical and electrical retrofit to upgrade services in 2001.

Air conditioning and heating on the second and third floors is carried out by two all electric roof-mounted air handlers. A 20-Ton unit serves the south zone and a 15-Ton unit serves the north zone. Each unit has an economizer to bring in adequate outside air as recommended by ASHRAE standard 62.

These units are then ducted to seventeen zones controlled by individual direct digital controllers to vary airflow and to modulate electric heat in ductwork as well as electric baseboard heat.

The first floor of this building is subdivided into five zones, four of which are air conditioned by split system ducted air conditioners with electric duct heat and electric baseboard. The fifth zone on the first floor is an extension of the south roof top air handler system.

A central washroom exhaust system serves all washrooms in this building exhausting air through a roof-mounted fan. All systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of the split system air conditioners which have 7 day, 24 hour programmable thermostats.


A surveillance camera system has been installed at the front and back entrances of the building. As well a scan card system is in place at both entrances after regular business hours.


Easily visible roadside property.

Street front parking and on-site parking space with adjacent parking area. Convenient rear exit to parking areas.

Central to banks, restaurants, post office, daycare centers and shopping. Located on the city bus routes for easy access by commuters. Located in combination residential/commercial high-traffic area.

Mail delivery to individual suites and convenient storage available within the building.

Heritage employs its own team of cleaning, maintenance, construction and other personnel to maintain the environment in and around the property.

We have an in-house design department to assist in planning your workspace needs.

Location & Amenities

Fitness Center

The Fitness Court reopened as a health and wellness center for tenants and their families in November of 2006 and continues to prosper. We offer a variety of wellness services including locker rooms and showers, cardio and weight equipment, indoor bike racks, classes including spinning, body blast and core. Tenants and their families may join for only $35.00 per month. For more information please call (506) 854-6704, email fitnesscourt@heritagemanagement.ca or check out our website at www.fitnesscourt.ca.

Café Express

Café Express located at Place Heritage Court offers a selection of healthy wraps and sandwiches and hot lunches. Come check out their menu or contact them for any catering needs at (506) 858-0433.


Storage space is provided in the basement level of our buildings. These areas are well lit, dry, serviced by elevators and secure.
Please call our Leasing department for availability at (506) 853-1918.

Rental Space

Heritage Management owns and operates many commercial properties in the Moncton area. If your office space, storage or other requirements are changing, we may have suitable solutions. Please contact the Leasing department at (506) 853-1918 to discuss your needs.

Tenant Resources



Categories of parking

It is the policy of Heritage Management to provide a secure and accessible parking environment for tenants, their staff and the public/clients/customers they serve. All users are requested to respect parking signs and asphalt markings. Whenever possible, free parking, on a first-come first serve basis, is provided. Reserved parking spaces are periodically available on a month-to-month basis. Enclosed is a site plan of parking spaces at 272 St. George Street (See Appendix B).

Overnight Parking

Please do not leave vehicles in our parking lots overnight during the winter months, as they interfere with snow removal. We may be forced to have vehicles that are left overnight towed away at the owner’s expense. Parking Control Procedures
Parking areas will be controlled as follows:
First offenders will be issued a warning that they are parked in an unauthorized area. The warning states that the plate number will be recorded and the next time the vehicle will be towed away at the owner srisk and expense. A record of this action will be kept on file at the Heritage Management office.


Building Safety Features

272 St. George Street is equipped with pull stations, smoke detectors and heat detectors. All fire protection system checks are scheduled according to the National Fire Code. Each tenant should have an Emergency Evacuation Coordinator on site in case of fire or other emergency. Please ensure that your employees know this person’s role in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Procedures
It is the responsibility of Heritage Management to provide all tenants with a document that outlines the procedures to be followed in the event of a fire or other emergency. These procedures are contained in the enclosed document (Annex A)titled:

It is the responsibility of all tenants to ensure that:

a. all tenant staff read the contents of this document;
b. an Emergency Evacuation Coordinator, plus one back-up Coordinator, is appointed; and
c. Heritage Management is provided with the names of the Emergency Evacuation Coordinator and Back-up Coordinator annually or whenever a change of appointees occurs. Enclosed is the Tenant Contact form (Appendix B). We will be updating this annually.

The list of tenant appointees is to be forwarded to:

Heritage Management
PO Box 887
Moncton, NB E1C 8N8
Fax: (506) 382-8847
E-mail: tenantservices@heritagemanagement.ca
Attention: Emergency Response Coordinator


Building Security

Heritage Management staff provide security around the clock, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. As the security of our tenants is a priority, we also employ modern security deterrents. A surveillance camera system records activity at all entrances, the elevator and other locations. These cameras record 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a digital video recording system. After regular business hours, an alarm system is activated to deter unauthorized traffic at all entrances. After hour access requires an access card for the card access system installed at the entrances. All of our security systems are expandable. It is our objective to ensure a secure and safe building for our tenants, and to work with them in order to meet their security requirements.

Register

All personnel entering 272 St. George Street, outside normal business hours, must sign in at the register located in the main lobby. Controlling who is in the buildings at all times is essential for good security and fire/emergency evacuations. Your understanding and co-operation are appreciated.

Special Building Services

Heritage Management is pleased to offer the following special services to its tenants:

General Maintenance

Furniture moving, picture hanging, general repairs, etc.


Electrical alterations or repairs, dedicated plugs or electrical hook-ups for office furniture or systems, etc.


Heritage Management has established office cleaning standards to ensure the highest quality of service. Additional services such as steam cleaning furniture, cleaning of tenant-owned mats and extra carpet or hardwood floor cleaning.


From initial planning, space layout and design, minor renovations and alterations, to complete turnkey projects, Heritage Management’s experience and expertise is available to our tenants at competitive rates, please contact us for a quote.



We have instituted a blue box program for the recycling of waste paper. Blue boxes have been made available to all tenants at no charge. If you require extra boxes or have any questions on our recycling program please contact us at (506) 855-6691.