Company Overview

For more than 30 years, Heritage Management has owned and managed commercial and residential real estate in the Canadian Maritime Provinces. It is the largest owner of commercial real estate in the Greater Moncton area of the Province of New Brunswick, owning and managing more than 1 million square feet of commercial workspace.

Heritage Management provides commercial property leasing, office space leasing, retail space leasing, rail industrial leasing, and airport and air hangar industrial leasing in locations throughout the Maritime Provinces, principally in Moncton and St. Stephen New Brunswick.

Properties available for lease Services Provided in-house
  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Industrial – heavy and light
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Rail industrial
  • Airport industrial
  • Land for development
  • Solid waste disposal
  • Space planning
  • Complete construction
  • Complete renovations
  • Complete janitorial
  • Complete maintenance
  • AutoCAD design
  • Committed tenant services department
  • Sublet marketing
  • Storage spaces on site